CD | Herman van Veen – Du bist die Ruh’ (Herman van Veen sings Franz Schubert)


Re-release dinsdag 24 september 2019

Du bist die Ruh’ – Herman van Veen sings Franz Schubert
Fortepiano TINI MATHOT  Orchestra ANIMA ETERNA

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Re-release 24 september 2019


1‭. ‬Du bist die Ruh’‭
2‭. ‬Gute Nacht‭ ‬
3‭. ‬Ständchen‭
‬4‭. ‬Der Tod und das Mädchen
5‭. ‬Der Tod und das Mädchen‭ (‬instr.)
‬6‭. ‬Die Krähe‭
7‭. ‬Erlkönig‭
8‭. ‬Der Lindenbaum
9‭. ‬Der Lindenbaum‭ (‬instr‭. ‬finale‭)
10‭. ‬Auf der Bruck‭
11‭. ‬Erstarrung‭
12‭. ‬Litanei
13‭. ‬Rosamunde‭
14‭. ‬Der Leiermann‭
15‭. ‬Meeres Stille
HERMAN VAN VEEN sings his choice of songs by Franz Schubert‭. ‬Music arranged for fortepiano‭ (‬or hammerklavier‭), ‬guitar‭, ‬sometimes‭ ‬two‭, ‬cello‭, ‬now and then violin and‭, ‬of course‭, ‬a voice which is expressive rather than bombastic‭. ‬Van Veen quite consciously does not sing Schubert in the tradition of the classic concert hall‭. ‬He sings the songs in the lighter tone‭, ‬intimately and narratively‭; ‬often reserved‭, ‬often exuberant‭. ‬Perhaps as they sounded in the pubs where Schubert‭, ‬himself playing guitar or fortepiano‭, ‬performed them for his friends‭. ‬

The Viennes fortepiano‭, ‬an early form of the piano we now know‭, ‬sounds passionate and exiting‭. ‬Much less smooth than the sound of our modern-day piano‭. ‬It is an unruly instrument that needs constant tuning‭. ‬The guitar accompaniment compliments the timbre of the voice and gives the songs a light tread‭. ‬Life and death play a leading role in Schubert’s songs‭. ‬Happiness and misery alternate with each other just like real life‭. ‬That makes them light-footed and melancholic at the‭ ‬same time‭. ‬Lyrics by Müller and Goethe‭, ‬among others‭, ‬that Schubert set to music‭, ‬stories of faith‭, ‬hope and love but also of fear‭, ‬illness and death‭. ‬Many women are also represented‭, ‬with inescapable desire‭, ‬unrequited love and despair‭. ‬Schubert knew as‭ ‬no other real life full of poverty and little recognition‭, ‬but also full of close-knit friendship and pleasure‭.

Re-release 24 september 2019