Karin Hougaard sings Queen


Harlekijn Records
102 014-2
© 2003

Is it about a girl growing up?…
Is it about the endless search for love?…
Is it about expectations and illusions?…
Is it about death looking for life?… 

Karin Hougaard has been a famous performing artist since she won one of the country’s biggest Afrikaans singing competitions at the age of 16. Five solo-albums later, she was regarded as the most innovative cabaret artist at both the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival and Aardklap Arts Festival in 2000 and 2001.





Queen, one of the most successful British rock bands of all time, were at the pinnacle for nearly twenty years. Their songs were crafted perfectly: rich vocal harmonies abounded, chord changes were clever and surprising, instruments were played with panache and daring.

In December 2002, Karin Hougaard and Carlos Vamos paid tribute to Queen with a one-night concert, playing many songs Queen themselves had never played live and surprising a small audience with an unforgettable, breathtaking evening.

01    The dark
02    Lily of the valley
03    Sail away sweet sister
04    Dreamers ball
05    Don’t try so hard
06    I want to break free
07    Mother love
08    You take my breath away
09    Too much love will kill you
10    All dead, all dead
11    Nevermore
12    No-one but you
13    The show must go on