CD | The Amsterdam Guitar Trio – Again


The Amsterdam Guitar Trio

plays music by

Bach, Bizet, De Fallia, Van Veen and others



Ever since its formation in 1978‭, ‬the Amsterdam Guitar Trio has transcribed music originally written for other instruments‭, ‬ranging from pieces for piano solo to symphonies for full orchestra‭. ‬The international success of the Amsterdam Guitar Trio was not‭ ‬only a result of their excellent musicianship‭, ‬but also of the uniqueness of their presentation‭. ‬

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Apart from their much-praised‭ ‬virtuosity and musicality‭, ‬the trio has been singled out‭ ‬for its programming‭: ‬surprising transcriptions were followed by contemporary pieces that exploit unknown possibilities‭, ‬hardly imaginable on the guitar‭. ‬The Los Angeles Times wrote‭: ‬they broke all the rules‮…‬‭ ‬and got away with it‭. ‬The trio stopped performing in 2004

This compilation consists of works no longer available on individual cd’s‭.‬

Music by‭: ‬Domenico Scarlatti‭, ‬originally for harpsichord‭.‬

Johan Sebastiaan Bach‭, ‬for 2‭ ‬harpsichords and string orchestra‭. ‬

The works by George Bizet‭, ‬Sergei Prokoviev and Manuel de Falla for full orchestra‭.‬

Isaac Albeniz for piano‭, ‬as well as Aragonesa by Manuel de Falla‭.‬

The two pieces by Herman van Veen are originally written as songs‭.‬

All transcriptions are made by the Amsterdam Guitar Trio‭.‬


1.   Sonate K 159‭, ‬Allegro‭ | ‬D‭. ‬Scarlatti

2.   Sonate K 208‭ ‬Andante cantabile‭ | ‬D‭. ‬Scarlatti

2.   Sonate K443‭, ‬allegro‭ ‬‭| ‬D‭. ‬Scarlatti

4.   Sonate K 466‭ ‬Andante moderato‭ ‬‭| ‬D‭. ‬Scarlatti

5.   Concerto BWV 1060‭ ‬1‭. ‬Allegro‭ ‬‭| ‬J.S‭. ‬Bach

6.   Concerto BWV 1060‭ ‬2‭. ‬Adagio‭ ‬‭| ‬J.S‭. ‬Bach

7.   Concerto BWV 1060‭ ‬3‭. ‬Allegro‭ ‬‭| ‬J.S‭. ‬Bach

8.   Andante cantabile‭ ‬‭| ‬G‭. ‬Bizet

9.   Allegro vivace‭ ‬‭| ‬G‭. ‬Bizet

10. Gavotta‭ ‬‭| ‬A‭. ‬Prokoviev

11. En los jardines de Cordoba‭ ‬‭| ‬M‭. ‬de Falla

12. Almeria‭ | ‬I‭. ‬Albeniz

13. Aragonesa‭ ‬‭| ‬M‭. ‬de Falla

14. The difference‭ ‬‭| ‬H‭. ‬v‭. ‬Veen

15. Farewell cafe‭ ‬‭| ‬H‭. ‬v‭. ‬Veen


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